Who is authorized to edit the basic term-related information at the faculty selected?

  1. Renáta Barbušinová (SO REK UCP), učo 31075
  2. JUDr. Ing. Anna Ďurfina, PhD. et PhD. (REK UCP), učo 27122
  3. PhDr. Barbora Holíková, MBA (SO REK UCP), učo 30452
  4. Milan Klouček (SO REK UCP), učo 4303
  5. Dávid Melas, MPhil (UCP), učo 19194
  6. Pavlína Prokopová (REK UCP), učo 15536
  7. PhDr. Veronika Zöldová (SO REK UCP), učo 31760

The page shows the list of people with the katal_a right and w attribute for 6310.